Veg biryani a recipe that is often cooked on distinctive events such as celebrations, festivals, and weddings. It stands for vegetable biryani and is a type of rice. It is a rich dish that can be cooked with herbs, spices, fruits, and yogurt.  It is different from veg pulao, which is a rice with potatoes and peas.When you prepare the dish, make the veggies and rice individually and then each are cooked in dry heat in an oven. This changes the taste between pulav and biryani.

Veg Biryani Recipe

1 cup of Basmati Rice

Onions mid-size that are one no chop sideways

Tomato vegs that are large one no chop in length

Carrots a quarter cup chopped as matchstick

Beans a quarter cup chopped sideways

Peas a quarter cup

Large Potato one NO cut sideways

Ginger-garlic paste one tablespoon

Pudina(Fresh Mint) half of small cluster

Coriander Leaves, half of small cluster

Yogurt quarter cup

Chilli powder and salt used to your taste

Dhania Powder one tablespoon

Lemon Juice one tablesoon

Oil two tablespoon

And finally as an option choice, Saffron (a small amount of strands soaked warmed cream)

How To Make Veg. Biryani

1) Cook biryani individually  let cool.

2) Rinse all each the vegetables except for the tomatoes and onions

3) Marinate the above with yogurt and ginger-garlic paste for approx. an hour

4) Warm a fry-pan with cooking oil, drop in onions and fry until transparent

5) Drop in tomatoes and salt and heat till all juices are gone

6) Drop in Pudina (Mint), coriander leaves, and prepare until satisfied.

7) Use the marinated mixture and blend with dhania and chilli powder

8 )  Cover with a top and heat until each of the vegetables are tender

9) Combine lemon juice and boil until the humidity is absorbed

10) Combine Saffron, the biryani and blend gently .Alter the seasoning how you like

11) Cover with a top and let cool for some time before serving.

12) Optional: If you have an oven facility you can bake the veg biryani for 30 minutes prior to serving.

Vegtable Biryani is not a new recipe or an old one.  It’s rather some It is someplace between the two.  It originated in the Mughal Empire and the Mughals were thought of as very luxurious, specifically when considering food.  They ate the best selections of food obtainable elevated with exotic spices.  Vegetable Biryani was amongst the best dishes of the time, specially as it was considered a welcome treat in the King’s Court. While over the years the method of preparing the dish has changed, it’s importance has not faded at all and is still given utmost importance when it comes to decide the Indian menu for a special occasion or ordering a meal in a Pakistani, Indian or Bengali restaurant.  Take this rich history into consideration as you’re preparing your veg biryani!