When they introduced the Volcano model, storz and bickel volcano changed the face of vaping when it was released in 2000. It was unlike anything else, and it became hugely popular.

A German company designed, tested, and manufactured the vaporizer. They used cutting-edge technology to make it what it is today.

The King of Desktop Vaporizer

Today, the Volcano Digit is known as the King of Desktop Vaporizers. The market has grown at an alarming pace since the Volcano Digit was released in 2000. There are now a variety of Vaporizers of all sizes and shapes. The Volcano is considered the original Vaping device. Many Vaporizers are on the market today, but the Volcano is still the best.

Hot Air Convection

The Volcano Digital Vaporizer uses total hot air convection heat to heat the chamber’s oil or dry herb material. Convection heating does not heat the material directly but heats it by heating the air around it. Because of its design, the Volcano makes it impossible for herbs to be combusted. This prevents flavor taints from occurring. Because of its flavor, the Volcano’s 100-watt convection system has become a household name.

Valve Balloon System

The biggest problem with vaporizers is how much vapor they lose. With its Removable Valve balloon system, the Volcano addresses this problem. The removable balloon is filled with vapor, so even when you are done, you can still close it and enjoy premium vapor later.

Long-Lived Vapor

The Volcano’s ability to produce vapor for a long time is something we cannot associate with any other vaporizer. The vapor loss can be substantial in vaporizers that do not use balloon technology. Storz & Bickel claim that vapor can be used for up to 8 hours after convection, which is rare in the vapor world.

LED Display

Unlike its older brother, the Volcano Digit Vaporizer has an LED digital display. The digital version is in line with current trends. It allows for precise temperature settings that can be adjusted using the plus or minus buttons. The Classic had 9 settings, but the Digital display has made it much easier to differentiate between temperature ranges.

Temperature Range

Like the Classic, the Volcano Digit Vaporizer has a remarkable temperature range. The heat setting you choose will depend on the material and texture of the material. Your personal preference is also important when setting the temperature. Trial and error is the best way to determine the temperature that works for you. Even the most experienced vape enthusiast will enjoy this enjoyable experience.

The vape for your life

The Volcano is a great example of Vaporizers. The Volcano vaporizer is a great device with many impressive features. It should be used for as long as possible, provided it is properly maintained. Storz & Bickel offers a 3-year warranty, which clearly shows their confidence in their product. After more than a decade of research, the device is now considered medical-grade.


Volcano Digit Vaporizers are well-known for producing powerful, potent vapor. Because it uses mains power, you can enjoy hours without worrying about batteries dying. Your Volcano unit will reach its temperature in three minutes and then automatically shut off after one hour of no use. This prevents internal damage and overheating.

Party Perfect

You get a lot more vapor from the balloon technology than you would with a regular vaporizer. It can be easily removed from the unit’s body and passed around to friends, making it a popular choice for parties and gatherings. However, it is a bit more difficult to share vapor of this nature.

Easy Valve

Storz & Bickel designed the valve that makes Vaping even easier. It can be used up to 100 times, much more than the standard solid valve.